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Stephanie Parrish 
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

It is my belief that healing can come from brave moments of self-exploration in an environment of safety and openness. I have witnessed the incredible power of authentic therapeutic connection and It is my joy to share and experience these beautiful moments of healing and growth with my clients. I work from a person-centered, strength-based perspective and strive to individualize my therapeutic approach to fit you as a client and the specific context of your life and relationships. It is my hope that my clients experience therapy as time filled with healing and growth, but also connection, learning, humor, joy, and hope. 


I received my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I value a systemic approach that includes looking at the complex societal, family, and relationship systems we all exist within. I also value the internal individual experience and believe that when things change inside of us, things change around us. I look forward to sharing this journey of growth and change with you. 



Distance and time can make fitting therapy into your schedule challenging. Telehealth is changing the way that we access care of all kinds. Life Designs offers therapeutic services by phone or video chat. You can access therapeutic services from the comfort of your home or office. Schedule your Telehealth session today!

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